Magic or Danger?


My 52 year old brother was found dead in his home 3 days ago. He was deemed dead from natural cause without us being able to find out what actually happened. The past few days ever since the tragedy, all I can think of is how to support my family by utilizing my spiritual gifts of love and compassion. I have not shed one tear yet. This makes we wonder if my heart has been hurt so much in the past that I’ve become ice cold and hardened, or is it because I now see life and death with new perspectives due to the spiritual teachings I’ve cultivated. I actually believe it’s the latter. Separation anxiety from a love one can be overcome by the deeper understanding that love lives forever. Yet I almost feel guilty that I’m not grieving for the loss in a humane way. This situation didn’t make me sad that he lost his battle, but reassured that he was given justice for surviving a lifetime of sadness. I am sending him off to a more peaceful state and to be blessed with a new ethereal life or reincarnation.

For me, with knowledge of his life experiences on earth, together with my understanding of the Laws of the Universe, I feel my current state of being from this occurence, confirms that my connection with source has evolved to a point where I can’t even differentiate who I have become. I’m now trying to catch up with my higher self, how it’s overpowering my mind, emotions and reality. Is this magic or danger?

Standing on the edge of earth
Feeling the distance from reality.
Closer to heaven
Discovering the essence of life.
Playing the part
Releasing expectations of the mind.
Healing of the heart
Seeking destiny yet to find.
Tempering my soul
Embracing every opportunity
To reach my goal.


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