The Ebb and Flow of Love

With a touch of Tarot by the Magician ๐Ÿ˜‰

If it’s not you
My Second Cup
Then there’s 
No one else.

This bond with you
My commaderie,
is unbreakable & unshakable. 
What outside force can tamper?

Release the Seven-Eight Swords and blindfolds,
I am bound by us,
No pain no gain.

Being broken
Is not what we opted.
Being healed
Is an option, 
my shining Star.

The painful past cannot be erased.
The Lovers’ future is optimistic.
Do we want all to be perfect?

A Fool’s journey with you 
Is all I ask permission for,
My confidante.

The ebb and flow of love
If it’s not with you, 
My Emperor…
There’s no one else.


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