“Never will I say ‘I love you’ in vain!”

I posted this tweet on my other Twitter account a couple of days ago. I cannot recall what prompted me to do so. Was it because I felt mad and angry or some form of fear or fear of abandonment? Was I trying to heal something? I was a bit confused by my own hasty action (haha). Yes, I admit I felt cheesy. But it is what it is. Being on a spiritual journey often feels like I’m constantly riding the roller coaster with blindfolds on. I never know when I’m taking a dip or when I’ll rise. The fears and feelings of being suspended during a fall, not knowing when my heart can relax, while feeling exhilarated and loved and happiness, all in one single moment! Yup, it was an odd post that I smirked and moved on with my day. Kind of glad I have a very small following so it doesn’t even matter if anyone noticed it except myself.

Miraculously, today I’ve discovered the true meaning of my post! Through mediation and going for a long walk in nature, I made an amazing discovery! This is really serious!

Just kidding, I’m so happy to share this with whoever is reading this. So in the past, prior to discovering my spiritual journey, I used to throw out “I love you!” to friends, family, lovers, and even people I just met after a few hard drinks🤭. Just being carefree, spontaneous, and at times irresponsible, I love to love! Nothing wrong with that right? Back then, I did genuinely love everyone who crossed my path.

But today, I made a life changing decision related to my career path. I have decided to take a leap of faith to dedicate myself fully to this spiritual journey. Such a reckless and dangerous behavior to not pursue a 9 to 5 job and take on unemployment status 😫. As soon as my email to work was sent, I immediately felt the urge to meditate and talk to my spirit team. I felt scared, uncertain if I made the right decision, but also exuberant and brave and strong at the same time (roller coaster ride 🙄).

Most importantly, I discovered the feeling of “self-love”. Right, my old self I loved everyone, everything, but sadly not myself. I often forget that being on this journey is a journey to self-love. So two days ago, I spontaneously posted that tweet, only to find out today, that, the only way to truly love others, is to love yourself first. Yes!!! If I tell you now that “I love you”, it is from a person who is learning to love herself also. It is not in vain!

Beautiful view from earth (for real).

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