Bits & Bites of the Worm Moon


My love
Under this worm moon in Virgo
Another fullmoon cycle.
Another solemn night staring into the sky
Longing for you to snuggle
To me, inside.

We are so consumed
To keep warm
In these cold wintery nights.
Every cell, every creature,
All stirring up nature,
And crawling through
Never-ending tenures.

My love,
Will you ever consider
Or will we ever figure
Or should we never
Or shall we linger,
These feelings of
Undoubtedly or absolutely,
And definitely infinitely,
To not love in bites
But to love to bits.
Will I ever get to know
I’m not a bite nor a bit,
And that I’m the bite
You love to bits.
It is certain,
This wormth inside
Does eternally
Love you to bits.


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