Universe, Be Mine ♥️


One topic I haven’t talked a lot about in here is about the law of attraction. Perhaps it’s because I want to remain humble about it since things I manifest may not be regarded as something of similar value or interesting to others. Frankly, I get a kick out of even thinking about all things that have already been manifested. Some situations are hilarious! Since it’s Valentine’s Day, I want to send some love to you, to myself, to God my Divine Father, the Universe, my entire Spiritual Team! For without their love, I would not be who I an today.
I have never recognized the power of my mind until these last 2 years since the start of Covid-19 when we were forced to social distance and stayed indoors for 8 months for me. I am one of those luckier individuals who’s life has changed for the better as a result of being placed in hermit mode. I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to realize the divinity in me. This spiritual journey helped me connect the dots of my past all the way to when I first arrived to Canada as a refugee. My first recollection of manifestation coming true was when I was about 15 years old playing in a Highschool Girls Volleyball Provincial Championship match. I wasn’t a star player on the team since it was a split grade team and I was younger than majority of the girls on the team. As a backup player I did not have a chance to play at all that weekend when we won the championship, except for the very final game. Even though I didn’t get to touch the court once before the finals, the night before, I was still very gung ho for the championship game. I insisted in preparimg mentally in case I get called to play. Of course I knew my chances of getting to play in that final game is next to zilch. But I insisted on visualizing me being called to the court to sub in. It was 37 years ago and I still remember exactly what I visualized that night that turned out exactly the same way as my manifestation. I got called to play a 5-1 setter tactic with me as the backup setter on defense on that rotation. I imagined anticipating a tip over the middle blocker on the right side of the net next to the referee stand, and I ran from the back, dove, and all the way to under the net, and dug up that ball. I saved that ball and we won that point. I got to play exactly the way I visualized it! It wasn’t because of me why we won. We were ahead in that final game, so my coach, I think because she felt sorry for me for bench warming the entire weekend lol, handed me a minute opportunity on the courts. For me, that attitude of not giving in and continued to rally for the team even as a 2nd string and bench warmer, and eventually being rewarded for that single moment of personal victory, plus the team’s championship win at a provincial level, that’s pretty special and memorable. I chose to write about this story, not because I want to boast, but to emphasize on the fact that manifestation is not only for wealth and abundance. It’s about achieving one’s desires through heartfelt emotional feelings, convictions, and positive attitude. The selflessness to always hope for the best for everyone and everything around you, the Universe will reward you. Many of us tend to forget the little things of the past. And why do we only recall some things and not others? It’s truly about truly extending love from our heart and soul. Any experience, good or bad, we tend to hold on to those memories that touched us deeply. Well, we know that holding on to bad memories or overthinking on negative thoughts can also manifest negative outcomes too. Needless to say, the law of attraction, aligns you with the frequency you align with. And it’s our choice to not allow negative thoughts to live rent free in our heads, correct? Today, although my life may not appear to be of any significance, I choose to be happy and grateful for all the funny and miraculous situations I’ve experienced in my life so far. I have always used love as my guide to do the best of my ability under my circumstances. No matter how treacherous life can sometimes be, for me, having accomplished at least 75% of the desires I wished to achieve since covid started, this Valentine’s Day is as sweet as New York cheesecake and as bountiful as a bouquet of a dozen fresh long stem red roses. Happy Valentine’s Day to me and to you! And thank you for sharing your precious time with me on my journey.


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