Quantum Nucleric Love Energy


Integration of 5D with 3D has helped me discover another quantum source energy. It’s Quantum Nucleric Love Energy. The high vibration within the mind, body and soul is stored away the emotions in a safe compartment with good intentions. There’s no more need to release old wounds or memories or anxieties and worries of the unforeseen future. Only the highest vibrations are fluid within the conscious body and and subconscious mind. It feels so natural now to think, say or act calmly. This energy gives off a natural essence of nature-like flowers in a zen garden. The exponential amount of time it takes and the amount of intricate steps involved infused by forces of nature interacting with the individual DNAs to form the different species of flowers, just the thought of that alone is exclusive and extraordinary. This nucleric love force is a derivative of forces from nature as well as nuture.

Only when stored safely, I’m able to step outside, place a protective shield around it, watch an array of auras shining and protruding outwards with a magnetic force, and allowing only the highest frequency of matter to attach to it. Otherwise the rest will repell.

Stepping back and looking from a protective distance, I’m admiring the true beauty of my life long creation. I feel the potent energy and I’m imagining when and how this energy can safely and meticulously be used for its true purpose. The pattern, contents and its volume, and auricular field surrounding it, can eventually be used to transform other source energy in masses. I am infused with awe. But most importantly, with wholehearted feelings.


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