Gogh ~ Point A to Point B is Yet to C

Beyond Van Gogh Exhibition, Surrey, BC, Canada

Some myths and misconception about spiritual awakening and consciousness awareness are:
~ You have to follow certain predetermined text book protocols, paradigms and timelines to become whole and awakened to consciousness.
~ A woke person is to always remain happy and at peace to deem a good life.
~ The path towards ascension is very difficult, leaving some people who can’t endure it to be left behind (staying stuck in lower vibrational timelines, with the devil or death).

I once felt stuck in lower vibrations and felt captured by the devil. I felt trapped and enslaved by the matrices of the societal endocrinations and fascism through my personal life experiences. My journey and mission then was to unravel and dissolve this knot tied to the devil that kept my true essence hidden. I once was naive and trusting to everyone and anyone who was perceived kind to me. I did not understand who I was and felt that my existence was to endure hardships and help others. I used to completely accept that this “shitty life” was my life path and destiny. I did not know I had the power in me to shift my mindset to a positive one. It was almost 13 years ago when I made my first conscious attempt to seek a better future for myself and that little bit of wanting change, propelled me on a path of self actualization and self-love, leading me to where I am today, crossing over from point A to point B. I’ll explain these two points below.

Every cell, every particle, and every human being is unique, which helps me conclude that no life path can be the same. The broadness of our individuality is like the vastness of the universe. To fully understand each person’s responsibility and mission on earth, no one else should ever dictate the paths of others. Those who claim to know your life path and want to control it, they are not to be worshipped but purely to allow comprehension, education, and subjective debatable interactions. The only timeline that controls you can only be by you. Those who seek comfort from others are to each their own free will. We all have the right to choose, and also the right to speak it. But we do not hold the power to coerce others to follow the same set of rules. There is as much to learn about oneself as there is to learn about the universe. The complexity woven into a living soul on earth has the same capacity of complexity as the outer world in space. The mission of understanding oneself holds a greater responsibility than the mission to figure out the universe as we are entangled with other travellers in our unique path and that we each have a soul and conscience. We can even compare this complexity with a woven spider web. The existence of different timelines is like comparing the complexity of the human body, the spider web, the internet, and outer space. The key factor that differentiates these multifaceted dimensions is the organic soul, an energy that carries the love frequency and has a conscience. I am comfortable to conclude that anything organic is consciousness. All things conscious are capable of vibrating in different frequencies. Humans and animals are higher up in consciousness than mountains and oceans. The universe is even higher up in vibration. Therefore, it must be even more conscious with so much power that is beyond the human understanding. This is why I believe humans have been trying to learn to cultivate their true essence to connect with the universe at a deeper level of understanding. We must admit that a spider, no matter how patient and resilient it is, will never be able to reach the same level of consciousness as a human. This leads me to believe that there is a point in the human body and soul (point A) that can not reach a state of euphoria or nirvana, which is even perceivable (point B). But in between points A and B is where the endless possibilities lie. Each individual has their unique rights and power to create something invaluable. And since we all seemed to agree that love is the highest form of energy humans carry, love frequency is what we aim to cultivate to reach the closest to point B. I believe this point is beyond reach. All we can do is try our best in each lifetime to get there, to experience love in its purest and highest form, without meshing and controlling other travellers around us. Those we collide with or attract to are those who share, or not share, similar values and vibrations. The ultimate mission for humanity at this point in our existence is that the majority remains closer to point A but approaching the halfway mark? Who knows. This is all perception and very subjective and arguable. But once we each reach a point of understanding where the world around is perceived “higher vibrational” or “happier” or “more peaceful” and less fear, anxiety, anger, jealousy, etc, I am comfortable to say that you won’t feel the need to control other beings, care about how others see you, and the need to compare yourself with others. I’m very certain the next decade of my life, at this point of understanding, is already much more stable and certain, about who I am and what my true nature is, and also much closer to point B, compared to 13 years ago. Now, this is my journey so far. How can I utilize this understanding to co-exist with others who can’t relate? How far do I extend myself to seek resonance with other earthlings? When I speak about my experience, am I exerting control over others’ thoughts and beliefs? Complexity in human interactions is as challenging as a human trying to break up a woven spider web. Neither A nor B will ever coexist in the same playing field, yet their worlds collide. Perhaps the biggest challenge to solve is how to coexist and not about existential crisis?


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