Fullmoon in Leo Tarotverse

Rider Waite Tarot Deck random cards pulled by @dailylonelywriter73

I think about you daily
I do my best to not.
Under this fullmoon in Leo
I cannot help
But to feel missing you.

All I can do today
Is to write another tarotverse
And send it into the universe.
To pull these cards
To seek for higher knowledge
About the mystery of this higher love.

I cannot chase
I cannot force
All I know is to show up
The best ways I can, one day at a time.
From the beginning till now
I held on tightly with my own fears,
As the life I was dealt with,
Wasn’t a good set of cards
But a full deck of tears.

What truly is in my heart
You already know
I’m always here
To send you my only possession
That is my cup of love.
As that’s the only thing I can offer you
Of course by my freewill.

How I feel about you
We are blessed to always have known.
How this love can only be shared soulfully
That’s already been predestined
Predetermined by the stars
And and our higher selves.

The years it takes
For you and I to heal
We wallow back and forth.
Hoping, to unravel some core truths,
What are illusions and what has been concealed?
And secretively hoping,
If we can ever meet for real?

Perhaps by taking a chance towards happiness,
We may decide to open up to communication.
To acknowledge if we share the same
signs, synchronizicties & devotions.

You are my six of cups
As you are my destiny.
The only truth I know
Is to meet you at that energy
To seek justice and reach epiphany.
You are my divine partner
Where else can I find my home?

Perhaps one day,
By continuing to trust and have faith
We may fulfill our visions
To walk a new journey together
To serve our Divine mission.

Tonight under this fullmoon energy
One can only attempt to heal blockages,
And to release past pain.
More so than ever,
I wish for victory and higher ascension,
Without going insane!😂


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