Dancing in Moonlight


My beloved,
You are home to me.
You lift me up and support me in all the ways your lips wouldn’t say.
You helped me heal all the pain I didn’t even know I had.

I may not tell you everyday
How much you mean to me.
No matter the challenges in front of us
With you I feel completely safe,
To trust and treasure your grace.

I pull away to give you air
I cry when I miss your fire
I smile when I watch you work
I laugh when I think about our quirks

I see you in my dreams
I hear you in our playlists
I smell you when you are near
I feel you in my heart

Babe, believe in me.
I want to fulfill a lifetime of love with you, with no regrets.
Please hold space for me,
For I still need to grow.
I want to give you the best version of me,
To nourish your heart and soul.

Baby, our time together may be scarce,
You oughta know my spirit is always near.
Please have trust what we could not say,
May this dance take place for real someday.


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