Eyes Wide Open

“Quantum Ai Ki Mystic Healer”
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Last year this time, I recalled dealing with intense energies of my chakras awakened to deceptive extremities like my body being thrown under a bus literally and sarcasticly. I fell deep into social media matrices as I was in search of self-love. I got entangled and enslaved by the devil energy to believe I was in search of “a soulmate”. With my understanding of self today, I realized I was the one who deceived myself. I’m not holding any grudges nor resentments to myself or others as I truly trust that every obstacle or challenge put in my path was to teach me to learn to heal, forgive and love myself.

As mentioned in my previous blog posts, I started my WordPress jounal in January of 2022 to express my inner thoughts as the spiritual journey I’ve been on is not something I can easily talk to anyone about. Thus I decided to take responsibility and accountability of understanding why my life has not ceased to experience failure after failure. I took that leap of faith to plant one seed after another. Started blogging has been the one of a most important seeds I chose to plant. As someone who is often optimistic and generous, I tend to forgive and forget easily. So having a journal here to reflect on the past so I can reconnect the dots more easily, I am feeling grateful today that I committed to this passion project throughout 2022.

I published these two blog posts on January 4, 2022:

I feel a storm brewing…

My Shadow’s Shadow

The past two weeks, I’ve felt similar energies as to those two posts from last year. First, the energies this time around are just as intense. Second, I also studied and learned more about chakra healing and how my inner energetic realm is associated with the external 3D realm and even in different quantum dimensions. Third, my chakras are more stable and grounded. With that being said, I continued to experience the intense energies, but with different lessons being taught.

One significant lesson I have a better understanding of today, is the earth’s magnetic field, influenced by our moon & other cosmos, dominates the evolution of all micro organisms on earth. I also learned, on the reverse, the collective energies from micro organisms, can affect the transition and transformation of the self in part, as a whole, or in sum as a collective. The different cycles and levels of transformation is based on the vibration of each entity.

In terms of cosmic influences, since the energy field beyond earth is so vast, earth can be seen as a drop of water in a vast ocean. As one tide hits, this droplet becomes part of the tide. On a grand scale, human existence as a collective is like the tide and I, as one human vessel of energy, is like a droplet. We all embody water, whether it’s a single drop, or a wave, as part of the ocean. We can evolve from still water to hurricanes or vice versa to the mist in the air. Contents of H2O remains the same. The inner flow of energy within the human body, runs like water, fluid. Our chakras are the channels to allow this internal energetic flow. When blocked, the storms hit harder. When in balance, the storms still exist due to external cosmic influences, but can seemingly be felt calmer and more adaptable.

Today, I am proud to say, my chakras are more in balance. And although energies do change drastically without notice due to cosmic influences, my 6th chakra (3rd eye) is wide opened enough, to foresee the incoming storms most of time, not all, to avoid them, and to remain at peace. But at the end of the day, I can only see what I know now. There are still many unanswered questions and the path ahead is still a mystery and confusing. I shall continue to follow my heart and hold space for what my soul desires.


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