New Moon in Capricorn


If you pay attention to my tweets on Twitter, I intentionally share to balance the collective scale of light and dark energies. Trusting my intuition and inner knowing as an empath, I feel the collective energy based on observations. Then I flow with the energies with the intentions to balance, transmute, transform or transcend, with love, kindness, joy and compassion. I am doing my lightwork, shadow work as an energy healer. When I’m not online, I’m also doing this work by resting, selfcare, and self-love. Together, I’m balancing my inner masculine and feminine energies. This is my work to help heal the collective soulmate cycles. My work in divination may not be recognized as real work in 3D as I have not integrated love with financial returns. This will be my goal in the coming years to receive without feeling guilt or shame. A passenger plane cannot fly without passengers. I wish to become the pilot of a passenger plane.

3 responses to “New Moon in Capricorn”

  1. When, a heart is free to soar, new heights are inevitable!

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  2. Please subscribe to my site

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