Love Is The Answer

“The Moon Represents My Heart” a popular retro Mandarin song sung by Teresa Teng. An old tune that brings back childhood memories.

2022 Has been the year of a student to finding sovereignty. By trusting the Divine path and solidifying my faith, and by following my intuition and higher self guidance, I submitted myself to the flow of universal energy with daily living.

At the start of the year, I leaped into realizing and accepting my own shortcomings and limiting beliefs. I knew my soul’s purpose as a healer for the soulmates collective, a divine counterpart, and a divine teacher. To find my greatest potential in these broad areas, I fearlessly followed the white rabbit of twinflames and soulmate cycles. I knew that in order to get to my destination, I had to surrender to God (the Universe). Learning to trust and surrender meant to allow my ego to crumble, in order to break free and unlearn my past. This has become the biggest challenge this year.

I have since blogged about my journey and understanding here on WordPress. To summarize my experiences, these were the cycles I had to endure this year. Most of these I had to relearn over and and over and some still a work in progress:

1) Process of Actualization –
• Recognition of self sabotage behaviors and limiting beliefs
• Triggers
• Finding passions and spiritual gifts
• Understanding inner child
• Avoidance vs non-resistance
• Understanding true meaning of abundance and value of earthly materials
• Understanding the connection between ego, heart and soul.
• Understanding my personality archetype

2) Process of healing:
• Acceptance
• Forgiveness
• Letting go of what is not aligned with your higher self
• Energy healing – Reiki and Quantum
• Meditations
• Self help videos – Law of attraction, astrology, tarot readings, various religious teachings, personality traits and psychology,
• Writing/ Social media posts /singing
• Connecting with nature
• Connecting with like-minded people (finding my soul family)

3) Process of becoming sovereign/whole
• Establishing healthy boundaries
• Tuning out negativities
• Aligning with positive energy
• Aligning with higher self
• Differentiating illusions vs truths
• Speaking the truth
• Releasing fears of self doubt and not seeking external validation.
• Balancing inner masculine & feminine energies.
• Understanding the meaning of death and rebirth

As a child, I was outgoing, ambitious, eager to learn and very positive. And as the years flew by, I became completely brainwashed and tamed by external factors. My inner world was kept dormant and fell asleep. These past two years, I’ve been pulled from the dead, from hitting rock bottom to feeling extremely abundant in spirit and grateful for everything I do have and not to worry about what I don’t have. As this year is coming to a close, I am extremely grateful for God and his guides to put me in this trajectory and forcing me to wake up. I am grateful for my soulmates who helped me throughout this process. I am extremely grateful for everyone who is still a part of my life. At the end of the day, as I often wear these words like lipstick, love is the answer.


3 responses to “Love Is The Answer”

  1. With every step forward, the heart finds… love is the answer, to becoming!

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    1. Hope you’re right! Thanks 🥰

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