Universe Law of Divine Order


We are the creation of God and the creator through God’s intentions. In Divine Order, everything is as it should be in its purest and harmonious state. The evolution of mankind has been since divided and is far from experiencing all the potential of harmony.

There are no accidents in this Universe. Words, thoughts and actions are channels of energy from God through our body. The more we collectively spread positive energy, tapping into love, joy and kindness, the more harmonious our world will become. On the contrary, the more we spread hate, violence, lies and other offensive behaviors, the more disharmony there is creating wars amongst each other.

This morning, as I was clearing out my saved YouTube videos, I came across one on the 50 Laws of the Universe. It’s like my Bible these days. I decided to pick a random spot in the video to see if there’s a message for me there. No surprise, I came upon the teachings on the Law of Divine Order. I decided to blog about it here. Halfway through, I took a break and started glancing around on Twitter. Then intuitively following my heart, everything I tweeted were mostly aligned with this topic. It all made sense to me that I was miraculously lead to see this part of the video. I became the messenger of God and acted on what he wanted me to speak to the world. Well my social media account has a very small following. But I believe in energy that it projects outwards in a timeless and quantum matter. So even with 500 followers, not everyone will see them. But in energetic frequencies, those who are aligned will sense it.

Back to the topic on Law of Divine Order, my intentions are to spread unconditional love, kindness, joy and harmony to the world. I accepted God’s grace to being his human vessel. My purpose is to raise collective consciousness and energetic frequencies as a whole. But to transform everyone into a harmonious state is impossible given the amount of negativity floating around. So the next best option is to bring both sides into balance. If the collective can balance the scales, theoretically we can all have some form of peace (like a bear market in stocks). Then we gradually and collectively work on increasing towards positivity. Of course due to human nature, global crisis and climate changes, we will experience some steep climbs and some volatility here and there. The point is, some of us who devote our life purpose to saving humanity, most will be misunderstood having alterior motives. To continue climbing this mountain, I must practice balancing my inner self first. To stay in a balanced or more positive flow on a daily basis. To continue to trust and have faith in God for he is merciful and will always be our protector and father. He is our Divine Order, our justice, our truth, our Creator of the Universe.


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  1. Hope found, His truth revealed!

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