Ocean Deep (Part 2 – Soul Deep – Subconsciousness)

Indian monument Inukshuks at English Bay Beach, Vancouver, BC, Canada. 20221116

To feel things in ways we cannot comprehend and constantly question, those feelings are soul deep. Some things or experiences will trigger our soul, but will immediately questioned by our mind to reflect the preprogrammed emotions, to comfort us, to put us in doubt, and to cause us to dismiss the depth of our feelings. However, the soul’s blueprint will attempt to resurface throughout one’s life. This blueprint is one’s true self. Society and endocrinations have been built to program and control us. That is what I know is the standard human being’s way of life. Today, our world is evolving. Many of us are transforming and transmuting these human traps to find our true selves. With the help of the internet and the world wide web, this human evolution towards self actualization is becoming more prominent. This collective energy of spiritual evolution is increasing in power and life force energy. This life force energy is rippling quickly across the globe. What’s so special about this is that there is no segregation in class, race, religion, age or status when it comes to life force energy. Energy does not differentiate lords and servants, rich or poor. It is gauged by scientific measurements namely in frequencies pertaining to life force energy.

Keep in mind, resistance to evolution is neither being right nor wrong, but is merely a choice. Alchemizing energy is a skill and the understanding of the existence of alternative frequencies of energy. To evolve back to our true selves is a choice and not mandatory. We all have freewill to be whichever version to become of ourselves. Life force energy has a multitude of levels. It is the process of each person’s self actualization that reflects the version we want to become.

When we understand what our soul is calling us to be and consciously choose to transmute lower frequencies to rise, that’s when we feel and experience things deeper into the soul. This depth of understanding can become ocean deep should you choose it. Love vibrates at the highest frequency for the soul to dominate the mind and balance the heart. And truth, transparency, honesty, kindness, compassion, joy, all fall under the umbrella of love frequency.

My intentions to share my philosophy on spiritual growth and journey is because I personally have experienced a phenomenal shift in my attitude and mindset towards love and life. This is not a religious belief nor a cult. This is just the process of self-love and self-awareness. My life has been far from being great and had I continued to live in controlled and assimilation by society, I may have intentionally ended my life by now. By being intentional in healing myself, understanding what is true and false, cause and effect, how energy can be manipulated, and becoming more self aware of my own likes and dislikes and limits, I am honoring my soul’s blueprint. I am freeing my soul. I am giving myself love and the permission to change my reality to seek blessings, magic and improvements. I hope, whomever is reading this, feels the love I have for you. By me choosing to work on myself to transform, is because I want to assist the collective in healing. This has become my soul’s mission as an energy healer, alchemist and manifestor. If you are resonating with my deep love for you, then I’m speaking into the deepest part of your soul. And as you have stumbled across my path, I too have found you. Let’s heal together.


4 responses to “Ocean Deep (Part 2 – Soul Deep – Subconsciousness)”

  1. Speak love, into your soul, and it will resonate. A heart and soul, hear loveโ€™s harmony!

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    1. Glad you resonate with this frequency. Much love ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ’•

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  2. Glad you resonate with this frequency. Much love ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ’•


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