Prophecy or Fantasy?


Spiritual power is not for the feint of heart. This is not to be taken lightly nor is it a force to be reckoned with. It can become very dangerous if cultivated by those with ill intentions. Needless to say, this is nothing new. The world has been manipulated and transmuted in ways we have learned from history books and transcripts. The question is, can the world be reverted back to old timeliness to change predictive futuristic outcomes? It’s like saying, go back in time, see the future back then with today’s wisdom and knowledge (could be now), and transmute the past to a different futuristic outcome with new perspectives. We all now know of WW1 and WW2 and the prediction of a possible WW3 in the near future.

Well, in our present moment, if we believe in what the past predicted and used that as our guides towards the path to the future, highly likely a WW3 may occur. It would be devastating to mankind. Too many of us human beings live in a society where we follow the norm and live life by the books. We are energetically and inevitably manifesting a losing battle by following what society has taught us.

Today, I choose to create my own beliefs. My perspective is, WW3 has already occurred before our eyes. Over 6.5 million people have died from a worldwide plague called Coronavirus disease as of October 15, 2022 according to WHO* data source. I’m saying we have nearly overcame this battle and humanity survived it due to raised energetic frequencies and connectivity between souls from those who chose faith over destiny. As a result, although there’s still constant power struggles between leaders, countries and people, the end results within the next decade, will be the world evolving to a unified leadership called Oneness. This leadership will be under the reign of the person or group or country that vibrates at the highest frequency called “love”. Love is the power of spiritual dominance. Love conquers all. Those who can love are those in power. Love ftw! Choose love to seek success in all battles of life!

Those who survived the Coronavirus disease (WW3), many have resurrected and given a second chance to a new life. Those who are grateful, kind and loving will continue to travel towards the land of Oneness. The more of these souls, the greater the spiritual power of love, the prominent the dominance over lower vibrational power struggles. If you are a leader in this journey, be the general, the guide and the source energy to lead others towards this new earth. Be the lighthouse beacon piercing through dark forces. You and I didn’t shine as a star in this present moment. We knew each other from other timelines and are shedding the light into the now. There is truly nothing to fear but endless possibilities to love.

*WHO = World Health Organization


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