Cosmic Alignments – Fullmoon in Aries Et Al


In this phase of my journey, I am following my North Node (Aquarius). With all the fire, earth and water in me and the influences of the current cosmic alignments, I understand why I was taught all the lessons of the past, in order for me to hold the fort for this crucial period, for the collective, where there are planetary retrogrades galore, fullmoon in Aries, cosmic portals,etc.  The build up of pent-up emotions require a significant amount of release of energy. I did write about this energy a few months ago and called it spiritual nuclear energy.  However, since then, I’ve improved myself in cultivatimg peace and tranquility and is able to maintain energetic balance most of the time.  With this strength, I transmute the pent-up energy into light by ways of my words, actions and thoughts (writing).  This is with great intentions to learn self-love and to love/guide others on their journey.

Now, there are the Laws of Universe, with some emphasis on The Law of Polarity, The Law of Cause & Effect, The Law of Attraction, The Law of Energy/Vibration.  These laws of the universe speak about how everyone and everything is connected through our vibration or frequencies and the cause and effects, resulting from our words, actions and intentions, etc.

As I go about with my daily routines to stay grounded and balanced, sometimes the universe steps in to teach me, heal me, protect me, guide me, love me, stop me, or test me. I’m sure there are more reasons but these are just to name a few. And how the universe does it, one of these ways is through the influences of cosmic alignments (moon and planetary cycles which are ultimately driven by the Sun).  So by me saying that I surrender to the universe, I mean to maintain balance by allowing the Universe and it’s magic to guide me through these cosmic influences with the least resistance possible in order to overcome difficult moments and intense energies. Even when I do encounter difficulties, I seek positivity and divinity from every circumstance. I learned the art of surrendering to the Divine as well as equal give and take. I gave God (the Universe) the permission to show me what else I needed to learn or know in order for more existential growth and unconditional love.

The effects of my light, on one hand, contributes to illuminating the world (the collective of beings) in positive ways. However, the Law of Duality and Cause and Effect states there are always opposing energies. Therefore my light may illuminate the shadow side of others causing disruptions and chaos, and to catalyze some to bring up old wounds to the surface in order to face them and heal them.  This disruption may be viewed as the devil’s advocate. But in hindsight, even the devil is the just an aspect of The Universe. We, human beings, the cosmos, good or evil, are all part of this Universe, a collection of different aspects of energy, working together, affecting each other, collaborating with one another, whether its conscious or unconscious. We all have options to choose to heal or not. Likewise we can opt to be happy or not. Or to love or not to love.  Everyone has freedom to choose. Just keep in mind though, your energy plays a part of the collective energy.

To become abundant in my soul, I follow my North Star, seeking every opportunity to transmute the shadows within, and then shine the brightest light back into the world and become the a guiding star for others to follow.  Battles are often within the self. Once you choose to heal yourself, you are choosing self-love, which in turns illuminate your inner light to the external world, rippling into The Universal Law of Oneness & Divinity. In essence, abundance, love and happiness come from creating inner balance between your mind, body and soul. That is already enough.  Leave the rest to The Universe and just dance and flow with the cosmos.

“The wound is the place where the Light enters you.”  — Rumi

“To shine your brightest light is to be who you truly are.”  — Roy T. Bennett

“I love you. I devoted myself to the universe because I love you. I wanted to love me so I can love you unconditionally. There is nothing more important than our love. Let’s grow together.” — Ely🖤💫💫


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