Autumn Equinox 2022


The fading of this Summer Solstice,
leaving me with fond & loving memories of this glorious segment of my journey, like the burnt coals with faint smokey smell in the morning after a bonfire. Gratitude.

September came and gone, like flashes of thunder and lightning through my faint soul, with reminence of electrical current, pacing my heartbeat, like a pendulum tick-tocking in a quiet deserted school hall over summer vacation. Peacefulness. RIP Queen E II.

All of a sudden, already new moon in Libra, the ominous shift to the Fall Equinox at 6:04pm PST on September 22, 2022, as I gracefully tumbled down the stairs at approximately that moment, like a choreographed puppet dance directed by the Universe, to shake and wake up this dormant soul.

Just shy of a kiss
For the sleeping princess
Slowly but surely
Hoping to catch a glimpse
of the


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