Dream State Divinity vs Insanity


After countless years of not able to sleep more than 3 to 4 hours in a row and only retaining a handful of dreams, I finally am able to sleep longer and experience some vivid dreams recently. These dreams aren’t of anything in significance but merely resurfacing “suppressed” past occurances of families and old childhood friends.

These past few years with little sleep, all I can remember are some dreams which are prophetic-like. Far and few, most were of similar nature. But all, after reflection, were of similar themes. The most divinitory one is of the division between lower and upper classes in society. All these dreams I played the shaman, the humanitarian, the savior, the do-gooder roles. The antagonistic in all these dreams was my lover. In one particular repetitive theme, where I’m unable to find a clean bathroom stall for the life of me, whether in different school bathrooms or at work, a few nights ago, I finally found it. This bathroom, not only was it clean and brand new, it was futuristic. Nothing I’ve ever seen before even in today’s technology.
I am neither a dream expert nor an oneirologist, but understanding myself and my past, I can tell you that what has been stuck in my subconscious mind, is finally getting unstuck! The signs are clear. I’m getting more lengthy sleep duration and my soul is more at peace. This breakthrough, although it may seem indifferent to others, is unprecedented to me. After prolonged, once in a blue moon, I remember a dream, which is repetitively of same related proclamation, I finally experienced a break-through in my subconscious.

Add these dream experiences to either my lists of divine guidance, or humans would call it insanity, or better yet, my death wish.

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