Inner Divine Healing Power


Understanding that everything is energy, has played a significant shift in my life’s path. I recently watched a YouTube video on a spiritual guru Shivani and she helped me further clarified that this journey I’m currently traveling on, is indeed the right one. It’s the one to self-love and self-awareness. I am an old soul who has traveled many lifetimes to this one, with an opening balance sheet which contains my karmic debts and my emotional patterns. I came to terms that all things I used to believe were part of my destiny. I used to live life by the books and was not aware that, as life force energy, I can choose to actively shift them, by recognizing that energy can be transmuted or transformed. By cultivating good karma, acts of service, and transcending dark energies into light (higher vibrations), I can be less susceptible to suffering and more prone to happiness and peace.

Nevertheless, this past year since I have awakened to question my own well-being (aka my spiritual journey), I embarked many twists and turns. My experience on this spiritual journey felt like a dance without choreography, a play without a script, a novel without a theme. I woke up everyday to write, sing and dance by dressing myself up from pretty much an empty dressing room with only one suit of armour. This costume sounds like the French word “armor” meaning love. I played the submissive role in these themes, following my intuition by trusting in divine guidance. Here I outplayed various characters, some of which were narcissism, betrayal, abandonment, misunderstandings, belittlement, and so forth. Some were of kindness, loyalty, generosity and temperance. However, each theme represented a lesson I needed to face and conquer. All battles were fierce and very sad most of the time but they didn’t defeat me as I’m protected by my suit of armor. Slowly but surely, I accumulated strength and resilience to continue with my lunatic puppet shows along with faith, hopes and dreams that will eventually help me redefine my true nature and characteristics. The love I wore on my sleeves will surely transform into room-full of abundance of dresses, highheels and limelight with true-love, peace and happiness. And one of these days, I have faith the main character is meant to be me, prepped to be heard, bound to be seen, and always ready to love.


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