Pandora’s Box After the Storm


Clarity comes after a storm is something that is not just a cliche. It’s the ultimate truth! I’m so confident about this truth that each time I’m caught in an emotional storm, there’s a voice inside me saying to hang on to my dear life. Don’t give up. Express the despair but don’t do anything stupid that I’ll regret. This time may feel lowest of low, the rockiest of bottoms. I can’t bare another thought of wanting to swallow that bottle of pills. I can’t live another day feeling so tormented by others! There are times the pain is so bad, due to self pity. Because I know the cause of my pain was not self inflicted. It was absorbed. Not the way others tell you it is. Not what I’ve been taught to believe that l am the cause. This too shall pass. I awakened to a brand new day once again. I survived the night. I congratulated myself. That door closed while I look forward to my reward. The excitement of another door opening. To seek the treasures, miracles and magic of the pandora’s box. The revelations, wisdom and gifts from the Universe I now hold in my possession. The secret to my livelihood is the faith of trust, of self-love.


2 responses to “Pandora’s Box After the Storm”

  1. I enjoy your writing and it is relatable. Keep writing!

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    1. Thank you! I shall!🤗🥰


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