Fate Loves Irony


I have always been sure I’m right about my mission of this journey. Being a divine feminine, I am aware that my vision of our future is eminent. It has always been and will always be, a combination of hell and emotional. Yet connecting my intuition with my higher self, I am able to find some peace and courage to seek refuge. My entire life has been seeking refuge. I want to end this ancestral curse. Easy to say, but insanely difficult to endure the pain and the games. The games are having to decipher between chaos and conflicts and illusions. But I ask for help from my spiritual team for information and clarity each time. Have you ever made a list to Santa each year when you were young? And then naturally those wishes just appear miraculously on Christmas morning? Well I’ve never experienced that my whole life due to my unfortunate circumstances growing up, but I have been fortunate to be Santa for my kids. Right now, I’m that kid asking for my gifts. I know they are coming. I know I am closed to achieving my dreams. I see the truth. I see my potential future. I am walking down memory lane.


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