What Is The 5D New Earth?


It is our responsibility to take actions into our own hands; to choose the path of least resistance. As a collective, we must join forces to raise consciousness awareness in the same direction.

There comes a point in our spiritual journey where our vibration has reached a level where we must rely on our own intuition more so than finding guidance from others. It’s when other’s opinions and advice become less effective and influential. It’s when everything seems to not make sense around you and you need to move further along your path to seek more guidance and wisdom. There are multiple levels and layers to this understanding depending on where you are on this spiritual ascension journey. For example, young people will reach a certain age in their life when they see their parents differently. What they used to believe, how much love was present, what was love in the earlier years, may not be viewed the same later on in life. This may awaken the level of understanding of self awareness. It will affect your decision making process and who you choose as friends, lovers and the passions you wish to pursue, etc. On the other hand, parents may change their parenting techniques to base on self-biased understandings and not due to endocrinations or religious factors. The possibilities to alter one’s self awareness is endless. The opportunities to cultivate deeper understanding of our mind, body and soul is limitless. But the opportunities to grasp these knowledge is solely based on your own convictions. Finally, the wisdom to cultivate and share these universal teachings amongst the collective is a choice. When you get this gut feeling to shift your mindset to one which aligns your vibration with others, and the feeling you wish to ascend this vibration because it feels so good and addictive, you’ll know you are walking towards the new earth, the new way of living and being.

The common goal I suggest for each to attain is to take responsibility in your own life. Understand what works for you. Figure out your do’s and don’ts are. Learn what inspires you to grow and motivates you keep going. Put yourself out there to experience all the goods and the bads. Make yourself vulnerable. Speak your truth. Walk the walk and talk the talk. Everyone makes mistakes but seek the lesson in every experience. Follow your heart and take full responsibility of seeing yourself as not powerless. Everything in life requires your participation with consistency, convictions and true intentions.

As we learn and grow together, we are co-creating a stronger bond of universal feel good energy (unconditional love energy). This planet is in desperate need of more love and kindness. Our future generations depend on this. The journey starts within you. You matter so much more than you know.


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