Filling in the Void

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The past few days, I’m in that space of filling up the void and to focus on the present moment. I can feel a break-through coming up and I’m currently practicing a lot of inner work to prepare and ground myself in order to welcome in the next trajectory, whatever it may be.

I have been channeling messages from the my Spiritual Team regarding Divine Masculines and where they are at currently in their self-love journey. They are working on healing, removing chaos and karmic patterns, energetic blockages to raise vibration.

Divine Feminines, to support the collective DMs, are called to give them their space. DFs are to focus on themselves, as usual and to remain balanced and stay grounded. Work on cultivating spiritual practices, regardless of where you are on your journey.

Went for a job interview yesterday and looks hopeful. Spirits gave me many signs yesterday that this job is a good option. I must get my financial state back on track because my present situation is very unstable. I spent too much time on trying to understand why and what’s happening around me that I lost balance in my finances, amongst other things. No regrets though because I trust that every path I journey on will lead me to experiences, wisdom and fortitude.

I also stumbled across learning about mantras, ascended masters and stories behind Quan Yin Goddess. I’m very intrigued and is very excited about learning all this. Quan Yin Goddess is of love, kindness and compassion , all of which are what I’m trying to align myself with. When I meditate and visualize myself as QYG sitting on a lotus with a pearl on top of her crown chakra, I actually feel myself engulfed inside her. I feel I’m her. Don’t know if this is a channeled message or a revelation. Perhaps both but Spirits are revealing this to me slowly? I feel it but because others on YouTube sharing her teachings have way more knowledge of her, could it be that that’s what I’m called to do the same? It’s her stories that make me feel I embody QYG’s essence. For example, I resonate with the story about her being the the most beautiful young girl everyone wanted to marry in a village and she tested the men over and over for a long time to memorize mantras, until one day one man passed all the tests and married the beautiful girl. But soon after the girl died. The teaching there was she only wanted to spread the teachings to help ALL men heal…not really about her own marriage. Another story I enjoyed was about her being playful. She created a secret mural for an auction. She asked for men to donate to her cause for the reward of revealing what’s in the mural and also to find out about their destined future. She asked for the highest donation wins the reward. Day after day the wealthiest would pay since they can afford to play her game. One man looked at the mural and started sobbing and crying uncontrollably. Another looked at the mural and started laughing till he couldn’t stop crying of joy. Why? I won’t tell you here.

I learned why and love this QYG story. I worked up the vibration to align myself with Quan Yin’s teachings because I embody her essense. Or at least that’s how I feel in the present moment. Life is a journey full of ups and downs. Looking back at your past (soul or higher self) is the only time you can connect the dots. You can only see things with clarity once you’ve experienced them. The future represents dreams, premonitions and most of the time, illusions (mind and body). To stay present requires that inner balance to integrate the past and the future with love, kindness and compassion to self (love).


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