Resume for an Uncoventional Love


True love, first of all, isn’t something you can explain. It always doesn’t make sense. There’s no logic. It comes from the heart. And when you feel it in the soul, that’s even more powerful than true love. It’s eternal and unconditional love. This love I had to work hard for it. It didn’t just fall into my hands. This type of love I am willing to surrender my life for. But it also saved me from dying many times. It was always there for me in my darkest moments. I am grateful to be experiencing this type of love in this life time. It frees my spirit. It motivates me to be grow into a better person. It effortlessly helped me forgive myself for all my sins and forgave others who hurt me in past. It lights up the flames in my soul and it’s not just a cliche. It is available and accessible to all. Just that the price to pay to get there has no value. What I have learned from the Divine, is to value this gift by giving it back to humanity wherever possible. Giving back can be in so many different ways and no one way is more important than another. We just give in ways we are able to afford not only by charitable donations, but also by our service to others. Whether you’re a school teacher or a firefighter, you’re contributing to society using your own uniqueness and talents.

On the other hand, to reach this state of unconditional love, one must cultivate self-love first. Self-love is not to practice selfishness and deception or betrayal to gain for the self. Self-love involves compassion, kindness and selflessness to gain for self and then give back to others. Self-love isn’t just the words you speak. It’s what action you take to create your feelings of desires. You’ll feel the love energy when you put your words into fearless actions. Self-love can be achieved when there’s equal give and take creating a consistent balanced and peaceful feeling.

For me, my soul’s mission is to maintain a consistent balance for inner peace, whilst utilizing my creativity, passion and divine gifts to co-create a better future for our children and planetary species. I wish to continue learning and upgrading my spiritual gifts. This is where I want to challenge myself and thrive. I hope to become successful and financially stable in exchange for self confidence and self respect. I want to reach a level of success I know I deserve. I am hungry and I have grit, resilience and fortitude. I promised the ME that I’ll work hard to get it all back. I will accept an offer with conditions and room for negotiations as I am contributing to a great cause for humanity for all the work I have already put in. I am willing to relocate for work and would love to travel, sing love songs, blog, do seafood mukbang videos and play hard.


3 responses to “Resume for an Uncoventional Love”

  1. When unconditional love resonates, the heart is secure, the soul is tethered, to the divine purity!

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    1. It’s such a breath of fresh air indeed! Thanks!🙏🖤

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