Spiritual Making In Love Energy (Smile)


It is in my soul’s inner knowing to allow my intuition to guide me on my highest path for ascension purposes. My focus has been to follow my soul mission to heal the self in order to elevate and grow spiritually. Getting to the sun energy or to the new world has been extremely harsh and intense. Embarking this journey was an act of fate but to endure it has been an act of faith. To stay sane or to refrain from insanity is neither intelligible nor infallible. As frequency increases, so does divinity. As vibration rises, so does spiritual knowledge upgrades. Rome was not built in a day, neither was inner wisdom. Battles verses struggles is like strength verses resilience. Real is to truth and commitment is to conviction. Becoming the true self is to focus on self-love. Allow the inner wisdom to guide you is to not to let others control you. Being tested of my commitment into surrendering to my inner truth becomes a painful ritual. While taming the inner twin flames has become what seems to be fearful and insane, the addiction to discovering self mastery is compelling. Having a multi-faceted spiritual nature has become a wild and fascinating priority in life. Contradicting society’s view of spirituality as a religious culture, it is simply a gathering of knowledge, download of information or universal energy, storing the information deep in the the mind, body and soul, and extracting or recycling the cultivated energy back into the universe as source energy. Humans are like computers already, programmable, downloadible, manipulable, upgradable, transformible, but not destroyable since all things are energy. Life is to biology as soul is to energy. All are transformative but cannot be destroyed. Life will forever exist to evolve. We may wish to alter or control our future existence but we cannot resist evolution. Choosing to vibrate in love frequency is the only “guaranteed” in the healthy evolution of the present and future of mankind.


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