The Great Reset!


This whole time I’ve been confused about who’s who or what is what. Being caught up in healing self can be very confusing in trying to balance the heart and the mind. Everyone has a unique self and their own version of finding their true self. This past year since I’ve awakened to spirituality, I finally understand this particular difficult phase (one year of moon cycles). The overall lesson taught from this past year is on releasing the self who’s been grieving the lost of my old self. I have been releasing everything and everyone around me that were not for my highest good. And at end of the 12-months moon phases, I am grieving the final release of my old self. This is the revelation after connecting all the dots and crossing all the tees of the past cycles and lessons. No wonder this past week the energies around have been so intense and heavy. This end of a one year phase, when the lessons are learned, represent the union of self, the union of my inner twinflame, the union of my own masculine and feminine energies. Not necessarily a union between self and someone else. Woah! This truly hits hard when one reaches this phase on their twinflame journey. Interesting thing is, I was always aware of this inner balancing of self. Just that the realization of this integration of self tying in with the moon cycles is a huge revelation. In the past year, I kept questioning where I’m going and when all this healing will end. The truth to the matter is, healing may be accomplished, but realization of truth and clarity of this journey only reveals when you reach that phase. The moon cycles are infinite, therefore spiritual journey and revelations has no end nor destination! The moment to live is actually in the present! Not waiting for things to be perfect.

In sum, each layer of the self represents a lesson. This last phase represents the past 12 months’ moon cycles. When you reach the end of a cycle, spirit will reveal a teaching or a lesson. If learned, then a new cycle will begin. If not, then you will continue to experience the same difficulties, similar battles, and continuation of past grievances. Sometimes these cycles come on so strong and intense because spirit is pushing you to move forward. When all the cycles are learned, then you experience a form of enlightenment. Once you reach the end of year of moon cycles, you get a chance to level up and start a new phase again.

Next year phase/cycle for me begins with the full moon in Sagittarius coming up on June 14, 2022. I recognize this because I’ve learned a bit about astrology and my own natal chart. I have also learned to heal myself throughout this journey because I learned chakras healing and energy reading from Tarot. A new chapter in my life begins again based on what I know about myself at this moment.

Something else I recognized is that there are two different energies within us that requires growth and balance. It’s our inner masculine and feminine energies, our internal Mars and Venus energies. Imagine when both energies aren’t balanced. The toxic ex, the karmic person, the 3 of swords, the stuck energy, the need to figure out who’s who’s, the constant overthinking, these are all internal conflict, confusions and illusions of self that require healing. Spirit has been telling me to let go of “this thing” to end this one year cycle. Now I understand…it’s the old me I’ve been grieving about and not able to let go. Sigh…I understand now.

Onto the next cycle and next chapter of my book of life once again! The thing is, life’s journey will never be completely healed and perfect. It’s okay to accept oneself and live life fully the best we can in the moment. When thinking about my twinflame soulmate or perhaps other high level soulmates, the one I am destined for, we shall always be willing to grieve, grow and heal together no matter where we are on this journey. Today we breakup, tomorrow we shall connect again for another episode of healing There’s always a bit of magic and alchemy about being on a twinflame connection. When you heal yourself, you are energetically supporting your soulmate to heal also, whether you have met your person or not. There IS such magic, alchemy and fairytales, if you believe!


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  1. With every reset, a greater understanding, of heart and soul!

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