Love Will Prevail


A deep understanding of unconditional love is gained through life’s journey of trials and tribulations. It is a feeling when you know your heart has won the battle over your mind. It is felt when you release the expectations to control. It is when you surrender your ego to what is truly felt in the heart and soul.

An avocado tree, for example takes about 20 years to bear fruits. It requires not only daily nurturing of good soil, watering and sunlight, it needs to be planted at higher altitudes alongside of a hill, in a warm climate and facing a certain direction to sunlight. The process to grow the tree to fruition takes approximately 16 to 20 years. Now imagine what these avocado growers must endure over the years to plant all these trees, especially if faced with sudden the harsh climate changes, especially in recent years due to global warming. The love, nurture and hard work these growers placed into each avocado, we do not see or noticed unless we understand or learn the growth process. Their tears, sweat, distress, trials and tribulations involved with the growth process often get unnoticed. The prices of avocados generally go quite high, especially with quality ones. Most people who aren’t aware of the the growing process, will not appreciate the true value of the fruit. The unconditional love to grow this precious fruit is often overlooked. There’s no guarantee these growers will know what to expect in 16 to 20 years but they are willing to plant and nurture these trees with hopes and dreams that one day there will be a big harvest. This is unconditional love. I love to eat avocados and is willing to pay the higher price for it not only for good taste and nutrients, but also for the appreciation of the growers’ love invested into it.

I’ve learned from my past that to love a person unconditionally requires understanding, honesty, loyalty, admiration and the ability to weather all kinds of storms with that person. True love isn’t just a relationship. It is a deep soul connection. It is not to control or change the other person. It is the constant nurturing of one’s strengths and weaknesses. It is to allow forgiveness and compassion to overcome hardships. To truly love is allow less to no room for fears of the unknown. It is based on pure trust of one another. Real love always wins. Love will prevail.


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