Reset, Get Set, GO!


I feel a tremendous amount of joy today! I feel like I’m in a game of scavenger hunt or hide and go seek. Even more challenging, it feels like I’m in The Amazing Race! Another key to open another door, another path on this journey, has been revealed. By allowing my ego to merge with my soul, I now understand what has been hindered. By allowing myself to walk in a non-linear path and pecked at every opportunity, every possibility in sight, I’ve allowed my soul to resurface into the light. Much of the darkness from the past has been transformed and transmuted. This may be a sign of what others call “enlightenment”?

The last time I discovered this same feeling was when I found my femininity in me. That was when I completely surrendered to trusting in the Divine (Spirits). The Divine love I received ever since, has gifted me heightened intuition, compassion, kindness and the teachings of self-love. I learned and understood the meaning of true forgiveness and compassion towards others to reach a euphoric state of balance in aligning my chakras. Ever since then, I continued to embrace in the ever-enduring cycles of spiritual growth.

Through more inner work and self healing practices, I’ve gained exponential power in channeling intuitive messages from the Divine as well as my power to co-create universal healing energy to help myself and others. Through my persistence in seeking answers to overcome more fear and resistance, I have been working on balancing my masculine energy. Although I have yet to see the bearings of fruits, I am seeing the buds growing from multiple aspects. I am resetting my intentions to continue with this spiritual evolution. That is to nurture the seeds I’ve planted, discover more seeds to plant along the way, and to continue to learn, protect, articulate, and create a beautiful zen garden.

This time, I surrendered to allowing my masculine and feminine energies to merge. I’ve yet to experience what this new rebirth of self is going to feel like. All I know for now is I’m super contented. The work I’ve committed to do to go within, has been worthwhile.

My journey has always been sparked by wanting to find my true-love. There is always an inner knowing to do so. There has always been a pull to gravitate me towards something that I still have yet to discover. Throughout this past year, there were many phases where I had doubts of my purpose. Now I understand there are many layers of what true-love is. It’s not only about seeking a true-love soulmate. As I stumble through this path, I’m also pealing off many layers of myself, many lessons, experiences as adventures. Each layer is like a piece of a missing puzzle. As each piece is revealed, I feel more confident, more happiness, and more balanced.

I wonder what this next walk will feel like when I get to feel enlightened again? Hopefully it’s not as painful as the last few cycles haha! Hmmm…I am ready and I’m excited!


3 responses to “Reset, Get Set, GO!”

  1. When the soul is excited, the heart races. When the heart is in a good place, the soul is enlightened, and winning is inevitable! Ready, get set, Go! Blessings!

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    1. Thank you! Blessings to you too.

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