I Wish For More

Photo by @dailylonelywriter73
Peachland, BC, Canada

You made me feel things
I didn’t know I could
You excite me in ways
I never knew existed

I’m drawn to you incontrollably
Can’t pretend it’s not happening
Called to get back on the path
I need you to hear me

The choice to persevere
Will never be wasted
Bridging the gap between us
Brings this world to light

The miracles surrounding me
I wish I can explain
I’m not lying
But I cannot tell

This divine connection
Calls me back to sovereignty
All that has been given
I never asked for anything

My desire is my choice
Your awareness is a mystery
I’m telling you now
Auspicious signs prompted me

This soulmate journey
I have honored and embraced
Called to co-create with you
Will you come with me?


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