💚Love is…❤

❤Love is a feeling as well as an action.
💚Love is an emotion that controls your actions.
❤Love can happen when you least expect it.
💚Love has no logical explanation or measure.
❤Love is unselfish but can be foolish.
💚Love is not controlling.
❤Love doesn’t compare. It’s unique every single time.
💚Love understands and forgives.
❤Love has no price tag or status.
💚Love exists even when you are alone and single.
❤Love is not opposite of hate, rather, it’s fear.
💚Love combats fear even though both emotions exert the same chemical reaction in your body.
❤Love has the power to heal all emotions and behaviors.
💚Love does not have to be romantic love.
❤Only romantic love has sexual chemistry and intimacy.
💚Love can be one-sided, mutual, or multi-dimensional.
❤Love everyone as your neighbor, house guests, brothers and sisters, family and children.
💚Love’s BFF is happiness.
❤Love doesn’t change or disappear overnight. It takes time to unlove.
💚Eternal love is soul-love or divine love.
❤Love is real when you love their soul first before meeting in the physical.
💚Soulmate love is arranged by God or your unifying divine light source.
❤Unconditional love exists for oneself, not necessarily for everyone else. For everyone else, it’s love wholeheartedly with mutual boundaries.
💚Love without boundaries or expectations is when the love is for animals or nature or things, not for humans. It’s natural and okay to love humans, with healthy intentions.
❤Love is the dominating force to all other chakras.
💚Love is the core of your being like the centre of the universe or the atom of a molecule.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you my love! What is love to you? There is so much more to love. The depth of love is beyond comprehension of words and can only be felt by your individual heart. No matter who are are and what you’re doing today, if you’re reading this, please remember this:

❤I love you!❤

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