SHOW HAND! 🎭🃏♠️♥️♣️♦️

I just can’t. I can’t put a real face to anyone these days. People pour out their heart and soul, but mostly to find them in dark spaces in between the lights. Where are all the real communication? My sense of self-worth is tantalizing as I try to pursue a new life path. Please be patient and understanding with me.

In this phase of my life, I can’t even call it midlife crisis because I am past that age lol. So in honoring my remaining youth, I’m asking all my family and friends, coworkers, teammates, soul family, and acquaintances out there, to share your love with me. Come engage with me. Cards are on the table. Show your hands and suits. Be a true friend! Mysteries and guess work has been fun but I have nothing left to lose! In any case, I’ve been repeatedly reborned, re-emerged, tormented and revived. I’ve climbed every mountain and swam every ocean. Great work! I appreciate them all.

My heart continues to beat to those rhythms and blues. I don’t want to forget how to love. I need you to come a little closer and help me serve my highest good. It’s been a thousand years since my soul is longing for yours. God will release those who are not meant for me. I have faith in God to do what’s best for me.

Understandably, I have every reason to not engage fully with pseudonyms. Recreating my play or story requires real teamwork and collaborations with my crew. It requires lighting, costumes, visual effects, and improved scripts and dialogue. Will you audition with your real talents and character? Who is willing to take front stage and be my North Star?

Meanwhile, in the present, my main focus is on healing and personal growth. I’m my own muse and my own confidante. I’m my own real deal but my current higher-self connection with one unknown divine soul energetically is undeniable. I want to continue to embrace that connection wholeheartedly because energy doesn’t lie. This is possible? How many more layers are there to peel off? Every layer has been both spectacular yet painful. I want to cry out loud for I have paid my dues! Please Universe, tell me how I can do this? Certainly I have been patient as shedding and healing takes a long time for an old soul. I want to find the missing piece to my heart. I want to find the hidden gem that has been buried for centuries. I want to emerge as a beautiful butterfly. Only when I’m ready.

I don’t want to give up. There are so many beautiful people who loves me as much as I want to love them back. I’ll continue to grow, heal, raise my vibration and share my knowledge and bring awareness on spirituality and self-love to the collective. I release any energy that is not divinely guided. I am entrusting the Universe to lead me to my eventual soulmate (whoever, wherever, and whenever). I love everyone platonically right now as my heart is on reserved for a special connection that may or may not happen in this lifetime. There’s no knowing of my future. I only know to work hard to shine my light brightly wherever I go, to lead the way.

That’s all folks! I went ALL IN! This is as clear as I can possibly get. The irony here is I think I’ve mastered the art of speaking into dark spaces, hahaha!😂😂😂

* There may be some plagiarism on song lyrics…please excuse my playfulness for your wonderful song lyrics.

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