You’re Welcome Here Too

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Let’s be honest. I’m not expressing my feelings here to gain popularity or followers or to seek attention. Sometimes our mind just simply need space to to release something that needs to set free. Perhaps it’s to free up space in order to welcome in new memories. I never think about wanting to relive my past experiences so that it gets to control my days. I used to ignore that urge to speak or write or communicate just to avoid heaviness in my heart. I kept myself busy with work or mundane tasks, while consciously aware I’m suppressing myself from my real feelings. I allowed myself to wear a facade of what life isn’t for me deep inside. I often put on a brave face and a fake smile. I allow tears to fall backwards and inwards like filling my heart with them instead of exposing them and allowing them to flow outwards. Life was much easier and more comfortable to cover up and mask up.

What changed though? The truth is, I discovered the meaning of real love, self-love, divine love. Love frequency can be obtained when we allow ourselves to feel and express, in balance with our core values of course. It’s attainable when I let go of ego and decide that it’s no one’s business when I choose to say what I want to say or share what I want to share. Even if the words used are negative or dark, as long as the intentions are good, the overall message is positive, and it’s to love myself, then all thoughts are welcomed. I tell myself, “You are welcomed here too.”

Fears of communicating authentically is self-protection. Authentic expression is self-love. You are welcome to express authenticity to me. That is real love.


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