The Ripple Effect ©️ – Be the 2 in H2O!

Adversities and hardships are our new normal, don’t you think? We are constantly reminded by news feeds about global pandemics and natural disasters. Our planet has suffered so much in ways we have ever imagined via human consciousness.

To negativity there is positivity. With gratitude towards technological advances to save our planet such as solar power and electric cars, humans are also recognizing the need to conform to harsh realities.

Join the Ripple Effect to raise human consciousness. The new trend in this past decade is to manifest abundance into life. Abundance is defined not only by wealth but also by emotional intelligence, self-love, and love relationships including family and platonic love. We are hearing and learning more these days about spirituality, quantum physics, self-love, oneness, wholeness, acts of kindness and authenticity, and so on.

I’m all about the latter. It’s not a wagon I just jumped on. I have always believed in planting good deeds and sowing good karma. Similar to acts of selfishness or greed, acts of kindness and generosity, all are acts we consciously choose in our life path. Our choices in turn affect education, cultures, our children, families and friends, generations, lineages, etc.
Spreading your uniqueness to create positive energy to others is a choice we all have. We are the creators of our own thoughts. The changes we want to create is within our power to manifest. The choice to create positive energy force is like waves of the ocean producing a Ripple Effect.  The more we spread love and kindness, the more positive energy we can create as a collective. Imagine the Ripple Effect traveling around the globe, which, because the earth is 75% water, and our human body on average has 65% water, we have the upper hand to allow this intentional energy to channel through us to cause a Ripple Effect.

Let’s join forces and spread love, happiness, kindness, generosity, and Oneness to each and every soul we meet from this day forward. Join the Ripple Effect! Be the 2 in H2O!


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