Ely๐Ÿ’š and the Sea Monster

(Reflection #2)

Although Ely was imprisoned and confined to her space, with chatters and cries surrounding her, she felt lonely and distant from her loved ones. First time traveling, but first time truly feeling homesick. The constant sea motion wasn’t helping her feel better either. Darkness and nightfall fell upon her and the first few hours of a so called adventure became a nightmare that engraved within her for as long as any memory can be withheld.
Over the course of the next seven days, Ely was stuck in the same spot, without love, without movement, without freedom, without human dignity. All she had was the air she can breath, the movements of her tiny arms reaching for the little bit of food hung above her, the constant chattered and cries surrounding her, the fresh sea breeze and salty mist from the ocean water smacking against the back of the boat she has her back leaning towards.
The captain mislead the ship. He did not know where he was taking them. They were lost at sea. The boat was over crowded to the point no one can freely move around. The jammed packed sardines became stagnated and stale. Drinking water was portioned out to all as a luxury item. No one said a word. We were all believing that this was all part of the journey for freedom. We chose to walk this path.

(To be continued…)

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