Love is Neither Feared Nor Forced

Universal Love Energy does not differentiate by race, religion, social status, age, looks, or anything superficial. It is not defined by space nor time. Love does not discriminate.

Love energy is connected by matching vibrational frequency. Raise your frequency to attract those vibrating at similar levels.

To attract a kind of love you wish to receive, raise your frequency to that level of love with your beliefs, actions and non-resistance. Beliefs are what you think love is. Actions are what you do to align with your beliefs. Non-resistence is taking actions while being consistent with your beliefs and at same time overcoming fear or resistance. Non-resistance is also releasing the need for any expected outcome.

Sounds complicated doesn’t it?😂 That’s why true love is so rare. This love is once in a lifetime kind of love, if blessed with the opportunity to reciprocate with another soul.

Love is neither feared nor forced. It is fearless and reinforced.

Sending my love to everyone today! Xoxoxo💚


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