Saving Her Child

My first real dream of him
An astonishing moment to remember
Today marks day one of
A child’s reunion with his mother.

In my distilled distant memory
The mother plead for me to save her child.

There’s a mysterious box inside a closet
Hidden inside a bathroom
Hidden inside a bedroom
Hidden is the child.

Child and I both locked up inside his home
Searching and finding our escape.

I found the key hidden in that box
That was hidden inside the bathroom
That was hidden inside the bedroom
From there to the outside world unknown .

Half out half in
I freed the child who’s as frightened as me.

Child embraced his mother
Her search was over she thanked me
To our surprise the child now has the key
To go back and free me.

Here I woke up and realized
I felt so grateful to recall
For every second that seems so real
Within our eyes and through our hearts…
Waking up to this special feel
I must remember this
Marking a memory that is surreal.


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