Ely💚 and the Sea Monster

Feelings of abandonment can truly destroy a person’s life path. It’s a common path we often hear about and many have explored. But the road less travelled is to those who forgive.

(Reflections #1)
September, 1978
Saigon, Vietnam

The first 7 seven days at sea, seemed all glorious and glamorous to the envious beings left behind in an imprisoned world of control and lack. Those dreams and hopes to seek freedom, wisdom and real patriotism for our children, through my parent’s minds, at first filled their hearts with hopes and dreams. Little did they know, the ship they boarded, became the destined future filled with grief, resentment and fortitude. In their glorious eyes was a grand ship with a destination to a brighter future for their 8 children. But in reality, it was a small boat, with the evil captain of greed who enticed his fellow travellers and hoarded them like canned sardines.

Imagine these catastrophic stormy days at sea, in the eyes of a young girl named Ely. Ely was scrony, boyish, agile, loves to explore and always eager to learn. She was borned 5th in line genetically with 5 brothers and 2 sisters. At the age of seven, Ely was too young to understand life but old enough to absorb energy around her. Her innocent aura can only remember her childhood from this day forward. All past memories were completely blurred out so that she can retain these new memories until the day she can release them back to sea again.

Escaping from communism to find new homeland, Ely with her own little bundle of belongings consisted of clothing and some dry crackers and fruits, she got dragged by one of her cousins to take a seat in the middle bunk of the boat. The scene was very chaotic with little guidance from anyone. It was free for all to be seated and stationed as soon as possible. Ely took her little crammed spot in a sitting position, her back leaning against the wooden and raw material behind her where she can easily turn her head sideways to look out to perfect oceanview. She hung her belongings to the ceiling above her, which was about two feet above her. That bundle of goodness was within her reach for when she gets hungry. There was no elbow room on either sides. As more and more people crammed into her space, she became smaller and smaller. She shrunk into her own skin and began to wonder, “Where are my folks? Where is the rest of the family? Why am I not with them? How long before I get to see them? Help! I’m scared!”

(To be continued…)

Follow me for an exciting adventure!

Sincerely, Ely💚


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