Live to Tell


In tarot, every time I see the Temperance card, it shouts out patience! As a Sagittarius girl, patience has always been my biggest shortcoming. I may even label myself as someone with borderline ADHD. I recognize this and spirits does too. Being impatient and overthinking has been my biggest mental blocks.

I realized over the years all the different areas I needed to work on for personal development. But my biggest challenge has always been learning to be patient, learning to take a step back before leaping into the unknown with blindfolds on. I’ve crashed and burned so many times but failed to learn from my lessons. Hitting rock bottom numerous times, one may think, I would learn from my mistakes. I think of this situation is like repeatedly overturning a rock that’s sitting on an ocean floor. Dirt flies all over while the water gets all disrupted and murky when you overturn the rock. But once the rock falls back to the bottom, and the dirt settles, you wouldn’t even notice any movements in the first place. This was the state of my mental health, repetitive cycles of self inflicted mental abuse. Even God got “impatient” with me (haha) and decided to slap me around a few times and drag me out from almost drowning myself in very murky waters.

Well, this time around, I think I survived. I had no other choice. Temperance is my now card. It’s my only option. I didn’t give up. Going on a spiritual journey was never intentional and easy. God intervened and put me on it. I needed to go a different direction. I needed to let go of my old mindsets and limiting beliefs, to be more patient and to be more self-loving. I needed to learn to set boundaries and not allow myself to be taken advantaged of. I can continue to be kind and nurturing but not to not have to overwork myself to do so. I had so much to change.

After being on this spiritual path, I finally found the reasons to live. There is something magical ahead. The past were lessons to help me learn what to appreciate. What must change in order to become the best version of myself. The magic is, I don’t need anything external to be happy. All I need to survive this crazy world is divine love. Hence the real meaning behind the Temperance card is divine love.

My definition of Temperance is the divinity and essence of spirits that exists in all of us. Activating it creates a feeling of self love that is beyond magical. I performed my first reiki attunement for someone yesterday and the love energy I channeled from the universe, from the Divine, was a feeling I’ll never ever forget. I want to describe it as a sense of wholeness? The feeling of abundance of love, joy and happiness? When you feel it, you’ll know what I’m talking about. Wow! I graciously thank God for uplifting me from hell and giving me this opportunity to come to realization of what “living life” is all about. If you are struggling from mental health, I hope you too will find a path that will uplift you. I hope you’ll get to activate your Temperance card and feel the magic of divine love. ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’™


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